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About DADD

Mission Statement: The Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities (DADD) is an organization composed of people committed to enhancing the quality of life of children, youth, and adults with autism, intellectual disability, and/or other developmental disabilities. The Division seeks to promote and disseminate research-based practice in education, thus ensuring the continued advancement of positive educational and life outcomes for people with autism, intellectual disability, and/or other developmental disabilities. 

DADD Officers  
Past President Peggy Schaefer-Whitby
President Leah Wood
​President Elect     Liz Harkins
Vice President Bree Jimenez
Secretary Kevin Ayres
Treasurer Lynn Stansberry Brusnahan
Student Representative Deidre Gilley
Executive Director Emily Bouck
Communications Chairs ​Jessica Bowman & Chris Denning (newsletter editor) &
Publications Chair Robert Pennington
Conference Coordinator Cindy Perras
Member-at-Large (Diversity) Jamie Pearson
Member-at-Large (Membership) Melissa Savage
Canadian Member Jordan Shurr
ETADD Editor Stan Zucker


DADD Bylaws

​Past Presidents and Executive Directors

Last Updated:  20 September, 2023

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