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Creating a Classroom for Regulated Learners

Online Event
Past Event

This workshop will spark your imagination and give you tools and possibilities to start planning your classroom for September 2021! Participants in the “Creating a Classroom for Regulated Learners” workshop will increase their understanding of Social-Emotional Learning and within that, the role of self-regulation and mindfulness. Participants will learn how to set up the classroom’s physical environment, structures and routines and leverage the core and curricular competencies to begin building an inclusive classroom community.


Jan Palmer & Julie Principe

Jan Palmer and Julie Principe came together through their desire to help classroom teachers support all their learners and create classroom communities in which students thrive. They have many years as Classroom/Special Education Teachers as well as District Behaviour and Inclusion Teacher Consultants. They share their expertise in social-emotional education, including practical strategies to increase student learning by teaching regulation, setting up inclusive school environments, nurturing student choice, and participation. Julie and Jan’s realistic approach supports and empowers Teachers to create classroom communities where all learners feel safe, included, and engaged.


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Non CEC members- $40 CAD for one workshop, $80 CAD for two workshops, or $100 CAD for all three!

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NOTE: The fee for this workshop will be collected in USD, which has been adjusted for equivalency with the prices in CDN charged for the event. Service fees may apply.

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